Italian PR and events organization

Public Relations & Events to skyrocket your brand

Press, events, alliance-defining, information campaigns: our activities in public relations are based on various psychological and social dynamics.

The objectives are defined as being both in supporting the reputation of the company that is doing the communicating, and in stimulating approval from public opinion, institutions, the media, associations and the market in general.

The last decade has seen public relations become extended widely to dynamics of the Internet. Cyberspace is now PR king, given the relative ease with which we can identify the centres that influence opinion (social media, forums, blogs, communities), and the presence of global chat and general ‘grapevining’.

If you need to plan a PR strategy in Italy, you need support from a partner that's deeply-rooted in the country.

Eden Exit supports you in developing PR campaigns, which can be on-going, targeted to one-off initiatives, local, international, aimed at public opinion in general or at institutions.

We can make available the resources that best match your Project's needs, as the skills of every professional in this field are made up largely of their own network of contacts and knowledge.