Italian and South European Marketing strategies

We help you understanding what customers expect

Marketing cuts across all corporate activities starting from the invention of a product or service that either meets requirements or brings them out.

Important as creativity is, marketing is not based on just about creative ideas but on real information coming from activities targeted to elicit market responses. Only when market analysis indicates a reasonable certainty for product placing and success can one plan all the promotional and communication activities to act as the mainstays of the marketing strategy.

Culture plays a big role in designing a successful marketing strategy.

Eden Exit flanks you in both defining the promotional activities, and the fundamental phase of analysis for Italian and South European markets. We are with you in deciding on the best solutions for understanding and analysing the market's trends and patterns.

The use of traditional tools (e.g. telephone interviews) as an integration to latest-generation channels (internet questionnaires, competitions, surveys and games) can often provide an accurate picture of what customers expect.