Italian and South European Media Planning

Effective media planning, to get the best results at fair prices

To succesfully approach a market, one of the most important factor is the mix of communication channels and mass media that we're going to use. And not only that: The way we're using them is as important as the choice.

Screening times, weeks, frequency, cross-channel communication are crucial to make a good investment of the money spent. A deep knowledge of the markets, of the social habits and local culture is necessary to avoid failures. We've seen too often international players wasting money in striving to apply their own logic to Italian customers.

Rome wasn't built in a day, so every step must be carefully evaluated. Eden Exit can help you in building an effective media planning, because Italian market is our place, Italian people our people. And we also know very well the cultural differences between Sicily and Lumbardy, North and South, cities and contry sides.

Moreover, we work closely with Italian media owners, and know many ways to get a little more with a little less.

If you want a partner who can save you money and get more clients, look no further than Eden Exit.