Social Media Marketing

When time is the key

Working on the social networks means understanding timing and quality. According to your target audience, you have to balance the quantity of information, the time and the frequency of publishing, and the time and effort that you spend in creating a quality, shareable content for your readers.

If you don't get it right, you won't get any result. When we talk to international clients, we usually point out that what's good in the US or in Germany is not necessarily successful in Italy or Spain.

Culture and behaviours are very different (let's only think to the average dining time in Hamburg and in Sevilla for instance), which means that social network access and attention span hace to be balanced on a local or micro-local scale.

Thanksfully, social networks allow to promote messages to very precisely targeted audiences, but this strategy needs a blueplan.

Eden Exit can help you in promoting your brand through the social networks: We know very well the tools and potential of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Linkedin.

With a sustainable investment not only you can reach your customers, but you can get valuable information by their feedback.