Websites and Webmarketing

Websites and Webmarketing strategies with a twist

Building a website is now a matter of minutes. If you need a personal site, a blog or so on.
But if you're looking for a professional website, that can be the web interface of your company with the market, be wary of too easy or too cheap solutions. You're likely of wasting money and above all put in danger your company's web reputation.

A proper website must take into account a series of aspects:
nice image, aligned with the brand look & feel
responsive design, adapting to mobile devices
easy content structure, to allow for an easy navigation
SEO minded structure, allowing for search engines to rank high the website
simple management system, since the company management may easily update the information
scalable technology, in order to expand its functions and to integrate with existing ERP if needed

None else than in a website, technology, creativity and strategy must walk side by side to reach excellence.

As well as websites, webmarketing needs a wise blend of creativity and technical skills. From old fashion banner campaigns to modern striking social video ads, contest, augmented reality and so on, marketing specialists must deal with their IT counterparts.

Eden Exit is natively tapped into creativity and technology, since our founding partners have a long lasting experience in communication and web development. That's the reason why even our competitors ask for our help when it comes to implement web strategies for their clients.